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The Tale of Bruncvik and Lion (Bruncvik a lev)

The legendary Czech prince Bruncvik after the death of his father decides to go into the world and enhance their coat of arms of a new a character, the lion. He wants to earn it just like a brave knight. He experiences many adventures, rescues the lion, who accompanies him from now on. In the wide world our prince resists seductress Africa and gets the sword which decapitates his enemies on command. He does not hesitate to use it for their freedom. When returning home, Bruncvik finds that seven years had passed and his beautiful Neomenie celebrates a wedding …

Medieval heroic epic story that first appeared in about the 14th century, is known from the Old Czech Legends interpreted by Alois Jirásek (Staré pověsti české).The production was part of the international theatre project “Cultural Alchemy”, supported by the Fund of the European Union Culture 2000.

At the 27th annual festival of Czech professional puppet theatre productions Skupa´s Pilsen won this piece four awards: Filip Jevič the Best Actor Dalibor Mucha and Tomáš Vychytil for music, Petra Zámečníková and Jan Jirků for an original dramaturgical concept, Robert Smolík for Art Direction (also honoured for his design of the production Tibet by the theatre group Cakes and Puppets)

Appropriate age 7 years or older
Duration 60 minutes without intermission
Premiere 30 April, 2006


The review from the public

Díky za představení o Bruncvíkovi, skvěle zahrané!! Za kapelu! A za věnování představení (mezi řádky) Ukrajině.